Power of Prayer Radio

  The Radio & Outreach Ministry of Dr. Danielle Wright & Team Jesus   

Dr. Danielle Wright

An anointed minister of the gospel, conference speaker, author, recording artist, and host of the Power of Prayer morning show, Dr. Danielle Wright worships and preaches standing under the clouds of heaven and ministering directly from the throne room of God. Dr. Danielle is known for her ability to lead God’s people into spontaneous worship creating a realm of glory and access to the heavens that changes the very atmosphere.

 Along with people turning to God and finding salvation and receiving healing in their bodies, the Lord is visibly manifesting signs of His love through the spoken word. In her meetings, the sweet presence of Jesus permeates the atmosphere and people's lives are changed forever

 Among her accomplishments, Dr. Wright holds a Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity and a Doctorate in theology with an emphasis in Prayer and Worship. She has ministered in London, Africa, Russia, and throughout North America and has just completed a 50 state Prayer Mission where she traveled to every state capitol to pray. She is also the author of Change Your Atmosphere and Songs from the Heart. In addition, Dr. Wright is a recording artist and has just re-released a CD entitled “Rhema Worship” for anointed powerful worship.

 Over the years, Dr. Danielle has operated and served in multiple facets of kingdom building, including serving on ministers' and elders' boards; developing and instructing curriculum and course design; establishing and/or heading women's ministries, intercessory prayer ministries; worldwide crusades and conferences. In addition, she leads thousands in prayer over the radio airwaves Monday through Friday on her morning radio show, “The Power of Prayer”.

The Lord is working through this vessel, confirming His Word with miraculous signs and wonders that testify of Jesus Christ. Through an extensive life of prayer and fasting God has given her the power and authority to be placed on the front lines and to be launched into the enemy’s camp like a cannonball with Dunamis power to pull down strong holds, disassemble the devices of the enemy, and to call God’s people from the outer courts into the Holy of Holies.

 Dr. Danielle Wright is a highly anointed, vibrant, and powerful prophetess and intercessor who has been given the keys to unlock and lock, to bind and to loose, and uproot and to plant. With an accurate and authentic prophetic anointing that God has placed inside her, the capacity in which He uses her is astounding! As she goes forth, lives are changed, bound men and women are set free, and the glory and the manifestation of God’s presence is revealed!