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  The Radio & Outreach Ministry of Dr. Danielle Wright & Team Jesus   

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Team Jesus" is on the move and will be traveling throughout the U.S.A. and around the Globe releasing the sound of intercession.
Will You Join Us? 
You can participate by praying in your home or church or by joining us on the front lines in one of our many upcoming prayer missions. Click here for more information on our upcoming Prayer Missions. And to sign up for 1 hour of prayer, simply fill out the form below. 
                           God desires to release a sound through you! 
Let us become prayer and groan driven to release the sound that will break strongholds and usher in deliverance.

                              Hear the Sound of the Trumpet Calling us to 



  • So that the sound of intercession will rise louder than the sound of sin, and summon the intervention of the Lord in the midst of our nation.
  • ~~~~
  • So the roots of Covenant Breaking, Violence, Bloodshed, and Immorality to be revealed, broken, and cleansed from the land and to break the cycles of wickedness over our nation.
  • ~~~~~~~
  • So the Church will rise up as a Bright and Shining Light to provide answers to the hurting and desperate, and to be as SALT to preserve our nation and to stop the advancement of evil.
  • ~~~~~
  • So that a divine release of Godly wisdom, revelation, strategies, and cooperation between Church and governmental officials that will effectively fight the rise of crime across our nation.
  • So healing will come to individuals, families, communities, and our nation.

  • So that healing of the mind, will, and emotions, healing of relationships, healing and deliverance from prejudices, roots of anger, bitterness, and un-forgiveness will 
  • spring forth
  • ~~~~~
  • So that generational curses will be broken  and patterns of iniquity to be revealed, confessed, repented from, renounced and forgiveness to be extended and received all across our nation.
  • ~~~~~

So that the Church will rise up with a desperation to cry out to the Lord for a mighty move of His Holy Spirit, not just a visitation that comes and goes, but a move of the Spirit that comes to stay and bring about transformation at every level of society.