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You have armed me with strength for the battleā€¦Psalm 18:39a
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 The level of evil and wickedness in the world shows that many people serve the interest of Satan, the devil, whether or not they know it. Witches and wizards are conscious agents of the kingdom of darkness who practice witchcraft, and help the devil fulfill his work of stealing, killing, and destroying.  Behind all of the shocking statistics that we hear today concerning the manifestations of evil, are demons, the devil and human agents. There is a conspiracy, devised by Satan to attack our cities. Today we need a praying Church. We need intercessors. Praying people hope and believe for an answer. Intercessors pray until the answer comes. It is time to pray and intercede! 
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What Is A Prayer Ambassador? 

Prayer an Ambassador represents his/her home city or region and serves as a Battle Ax of the Lord to war against the works of wickedness. 


 A Prayer Ambassador 

These are those who are trained and equipped to do battle in the heavenly realms. Those who will become the eyes and ears of their city and WATCH, PROTECT their city from the encroachment of demonic activity.


Ambassadors use their unique abilities to war in the spiritual realms against the works of darkness.


Ambassadors are faithful who are committed to making a lasting impact in their cities through the power of prayer and the demonstration of Prayer in Action on a weekly basis.

Prayer Ambassador Duties

To serve in prayer through a daily or weekly prayer gathering in the center of your home city. To use scriptural decrees to war against the works of darkness. To dismantle and block satanic altars erected to serve as places of worship for Satan.


Levels of Engagement


Lead Ambassador:

This is someone who has experience in the art of Spiritual Warfare using strategic level warfare tactics. A prayer ambassador will lead and organize the weeks prayer outings and coordinate with their platoon on the locations where prayer will be held.

Prayer Ambassador:

Supports and works alongside the Lead Ambassador while fully engaging in meetings, center city prayer gatherings, while covering the lead ambassador in intercession. A prayer ambassadors is committed to a showing up, supporting, and praying as part of the Center City Prayer Team.

Worship Ambassador:

This ambassador is one who worships as prayer! You may have the unique skill of dance, flag, or shofar worship and are willing to use your gift at center city prayer gatherings. Like the prayer ambassador you are committed to showing up, supporting, and praying as part of the Center City Prayer Team.