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   72 Days- Let's Keep Burning

MAY 1st - July 11th, 2022​​

If you are interested in joining Apostle and others from around the world as we Keep the Fire Burning, fill out the form below.  Live broadcasts can only be seen by those who have signed up and committed to the 72 Days!  

I Want More FIRE!

Committed to the fire

JOIN US FOR 72 Days of Keeping the fire burning!



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Thank you for signing up to be a Kingdom Representative (Prayer Ambassador). We look forward to praying with you and sharing more information about Intercession From the Holy Land With You.

Fill out the form below, and you will be emailed the information on how to join Dr. Danielle for LIVE prayer and other prophetic moments. 

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Are you one of the ones that have been crying out for MORE OF GOD? Do you desire for God to “Set A Fire in Your Soul? You are not alone. There’s an Uncontrollable & Uncontainable fire that God wants to release and impart in his people who have cried out for more. And he wants to give us all that heaven has without restriction and then fill us beyond capacity.​​

And for 7 days we are going to pray for this FIRE to consume and consecrate us for the revival that shall be birthed in the earth realm. 

Join Dr. Danielle for 7 Days 

​​"My heart was hot within me. While I was musing, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue"( Ps. 39:3)

April 19th  - 25th, 2022

Fasting Times:

Daily from Midnight - 12:00 pm

(Liquids Only)

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