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Get Your Complete Prayer Series Books Today.  Volume 1 -4 are available now. 

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Books By Dr. Danielle Wright

                                                             VOLUME 1 AVAILABLE NOW!



 Then This Book Is For You!

From the author of Can You Not Pray One Hour and Change Your Atmosphere, Apostle Dr. Danielle Wright is now encouraging and equipping Remnant Warriors around the world with the tools needed to press into deeper depths of prayer with her “PRAY” prayer book series.

                                   Come on Remnant Warrior It’s Time to PRAY! 

PRAY Book Series 

(Order your copy today)

Volume 1 - Prayers to Ignite Your Spirit & Empower...

In this volume you will find prayers that will IGNITE YOUR SPIRIT, EMPOWER YOUR SOUL, and, WAR AGAINST THE WORKS OF DARKNESS. These prayers are written in a way that as you pray it will build confidence and birth a new flow of glory through your vessel. It will infuse supernatural strength into your prayer time and help you press into a deeper place in prayer as you intentionally declare the word of the Lord. (Available Now).

Volume 2 - War Room Prayers & Declarations.

12 specific prayers to pray that will war against the works of darkness in every area of your life. (Available Now).

Volume 3 - Prayers to Set Your Spirit on Fire. 

 12 prayers that focus on setting your soul and spirit ablaze and rekindling a fervent and fiery desire for prayer.  (Available Now)

Volume 4 - Prayers to Birth Your Next Level.

These prayers will push you into new dimensions and levels of your anointing by targeting specific areas on your call and walk with God that need to go to a new level. (Available Now)


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