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FREE Biblical Discernment Class :

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Do you have a desire to go deeper in the things of God. Do you desire to search the secrets of the principles of the word of God? Then join Dr. Danielle as she shares and teaches Biblical Principles of living and working in the Kingdom of God.

Classes are held Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8:30pm via online at

Power of Prayer TV (YouTube)

(Link required to join and will be sent once registration is complete).

Dr. Danielle is offering the BIBLICAL DISCERNMENT CLASS FOR FREE but Registration is required.

All other certificate classes require a registration fee.


Enroll now for 2020 Classes

Biblical Discernment Class is being offered for FREE!

Cost for additional classes vary depending on Empowerment Track Selected.

Module 2 Classes (listed below) are $50 a month or $150 one time registration.

If only taking the Free Biblical Discernment Class, simply fill out the registration form.

If you are signing up for ALL of the Module 2 Classes, fill out the form and then click on the PayPal link below the form.

I Would Like to Sign Up For: (Check all that apply)

God Bless You. We pray that you will receive all that God has for you and that you will leave empowered, encouraged and equipped for your next season. God Bless You. Dr. Danielle Wright

Empowerment Tracks

Offered For Credit for the Following:

Spiritual Mentor Training Certification:

Get Training and Experience to work along side Dr. Danielle at one of 7 Empowerment locations throughout the U.S. as a mentor. (More information available upon request).

Kingdom Leadership Academy:

Sign up to take various classes throughout the year that will equip you to harness your leadership skills, enhance your gift, and help you answer the call of God on your life. Includes monthly one -on- one session with Dr. Danielle. (More information available upon request).

School of Ministry & Ordination:

Do you feel God has called you to walk under the mantle of the five-fold anointing; Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher? Sign up to take classes and trainings that are specifically geared toward your calling, where at the end of your personalized educational and equipping tract will make you eligible for ordination under Wright International Ministries.

If you are signing up for more than one class, please complete your registration below. Monthly increments cycle will be 5 months.

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