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Funny how time flies when you are having fun! It is hard to believe that this time 1 year ago my team and I had just set out on what I thought was the biggest adventure in my life; the 50 State Prayer Mission. But to my surprise I was just getting started, and the 50 states was in reality just 1 of the 194 nations that I was soon to find out was my next assignment.

I remember thinking to myself that out of all the things in the world that I thought I would be doing this was not one of them! And now exactly one year later, I am saying the same thing.

God will often call us to complete assignments that in our minds are so enormous that it almost seems impossible. And every time I look at the journey ahead of us ( Going to every country in the world) and begin to feel overwhelmed with the assignment, I remember that “I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength to do them.” And then the Holy Spirit whispers to me, it is I who called you, not yourself. So with the strength of Christ, the encouragement of His word and with Partners like yourself, I know that I can and I WILL complete the assigned task that lies ahead of us.

In the short time that we have been on the mission we have seen lives touched, tears shed and atmospheres shifted. It would take hours to share with you the testimonies of the amazing things that have happen, but with the time I have I wanted to share a few stories of how God is changing the world, nation by nation and person by person.

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​​Emmanuel " God With Us"

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One last testimony of how God is surely with us. After a long day of prayer walking, ministering and interceding in Rome, Italy we headed back to the hotel to eat dinner.'

As usual we walked up to the counter and asked for a table for 5 (as there were a total of 5 with us). The young lady says sure, leads us to a table with 5 settings and says I will be back with 1 more chair and place setting for the 6th person. Stunned, we all look at each other and say “6?” We chuckle and dismiss what she said thinking maybe she heard me say 6 instead of 5. We sit down and begin to look at the menu and within 2 minutes the waitress comes back with a chair and place setting for an additional person. I say to her, ma’am there are only 5 of us here. She looks at me and says NO, there were 6 of you. I know it was, I counted each one. I again, say no there is only 5 of us here.

With unbelief and yet confusion she tilts her head and says hmmmm, I know I saw 6 of you walk up. At the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I told her “Oh, you must have seen our Angel with us.” She just smiled, turned and walked away. Then the Lord spoke to me and said that I am with you! You may not be able to see me, but others can and where you walk, I walk and when you pray I establish and reinforce my word. WHOA! Thank you, Jesus.

What a wonderful feeling to know that God is always with us. Not just the team and I but with all of us. He chooses to walk, protect and guide us each and every moment of our lives. And for myself this is truly reassuring as we often enter into cities and regions that are not always pleasant and welcoming. But to know that Jehovah is with us, keeps us pressing forward.



We have seen angels in our midst, we have seen darkness flee and we have seen strangers give their lives to Christ. While in Madrid, Spain we had the opportunity to share the gospel of love with a young man named Allen. Allen was a troubled man who for the last 8 years had been traveling by foot all over the world in search of peace and comfort. He lost his mom to Alzheimer's, his dad to heart failure and his sister at the young age of 16 and you could see the despair in his eyes. Yet, there was something special about him. As we begin to talk the Lord whispered to me that this was his son who is called to be a prophet in His kingdom. I wasn’t sure how Allen was going to take the news of his calling or if he even knew what a prophet was.

But with confidence and assurance that God was calling him, I released the word of the Lord to him and he begin to cry. It was like a dark cloud had been lifted and the sun begin to shine. He was amazed that God would choose him for His kingdom. So with tears in his eyes, he proclaimed “I’M READY!” The team and I anointed him with oil, laid our hands on him and prayed for him. It was such an awe-inspiring moment that not one of us will ever forget.

Sometimes we look for the masses in hope that, the greater the response the greater the outcome. But God reminded me that heaven rejoices over just ONE! And that ONE can chase 1000 and by Allen saying yes to salvation and YES to his call, God will bring many to the kingdom.


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