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Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sin. Isaiah 58:1

Speak not in whispers; speak not to a part, but speak so earnestly that their attention be arrested, and so that all will hear

Today in prayer the Lord continuously spoke the words “PLEAD WITH MY PEOPLE TO COME.” And he placed and overwhelming urgency to continue to call His people to prayer. It is great that we have hundreds of people who have joined the 100 Days of Prayer Facebook group, but God is calling for more. In the coming days, I will begin to campaign for the presence of God and make a clarion call for His people to come into His presence. The call is to draw closer to God through prayer and fasting. It is to come before the Altar with weeping and intercession. Below is what the Holy Spirit had me to write while praying:

A Word from the Lord:

I need my people to cry out to me. I need them to come to me. I need them to see the urgency to call on me. Many have eyes to see and see not. Many have ears to hear but hear not. Many have the ability to push and refuse to do so. Many will perish because of their refusal to adhere to the call to come. Yes many have the security of salvation but they are not in fellowship with me. They love me, but my love is not in them. Many worship me, but not in spirit and truth. Many attend church but do not attend to my presence. What is it going to take for my people to cry out to me for renewal? The mind of my people must be renewed and prepared to know what the will of the Father is for this time. And the only way they will know is if they come to me. Many draw close, but just close enough to receive what they need for the moment and then do not return until another need arises.

Many of my people are dying because the refuse to live in me. They chase after fleshly desires not realizing that I am the God that will give them the desires of their heart if they would simply seek me with their heart.

My people do not realize how soon I am to return and that my return is imminent. It is NOW time to seek the Lord. It is NOW time to turn away from sin and turn to God. It is NOW time that each one of you shed every weight that has slowed you down. I AM GIVING MY PEOPLE A TIME TO TURN! And if they do not take the opportunity to turn NOW, it will be too late. Plead with my people to come. Cry loud and spare not…. Come into the ark of safety and be sheltered from the calamity that is coming and the key to the entrance is prayer. Rebuild the altar of prayer and tear down the altar of sin.

It is time for the church to be the righteous bride that I have called it to be. To be the light on earth. To shine bright and show forth my love. It is time for the church to live right, walk right, talk right and think right. I am coming for a righteous people. People who live by the standard of heaven and holiness. Heed the call to come in so that you will not Perish! As many will perish because of their lack of concern and their refusal to repent and return to their love.

Will you answer the call to "CRY OUT - to CRY LOUD- to SPARE NOT? Help us spread the word that Jesus is coming soon and now is the time to Heed the call and TURN to him! Will you pray with and for me as I begin to campaign for the presence of the Lord and make a clarion call to the Nation that NOW is the time to Repent, Pray and Return to God!

To reach us or for questions or comments visit or call 1.888.519.0404

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