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Determined To Win

When in the middle of an exasperating bout with trials, tribulations and testing, you should have one expectation. TO WIN! You have to be determined to win and to press on to see what the end is going to be. God is your coach and he has trained and equipped you to run the race that is set before you. You must be determined to s t r e t c h your faith and be willing to win at any cost. Remember that God knows what is best for you and he has equipped you to win. As Paul says, “I will press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus.” Do not become dismayed by what seems like an impossible mountain to climb, yet be determined to win. Be encouraged and know that you win.

DETERMINED TO WIN- Excerpt from “Songs from the Heart” by Dr. Danielle

The deviled wanted me to believe that it was not so. So I had to get up and show him to the back door. I am a child of GOD and I stand on HIS word, I believe what he says and what I have heard. I only listen to what is true, even though Satan does not want me to make it through. But with the word in my heart and a sword in my hand, I will arise to battle and will not give in. God gives strength to weak and might to the feeble, so with that said I will rise like an eagle.

I will spread my wings and soar high above, keeping my focus on God and his love. He said he‘d never forsake me or leave me alone, he gives his angels charge over me so my foot will not dash a stone. His grace and his glory I stand in between o lord my God your salvation I have seen. So today o lord as I pray, I am listening and holding on to every word you say. You say be strong and have no fear, what your feeling will not last all year. It is only a test it will not last long, it only comes to make you strong. I will never put more on you than you can bare, your wrapped in my arms with loving care. I have promised you in my word that in the end you will win, so just have faith and know on whom you depend. I will never leave or forsake you I am standing right by and if you start to fear just look on high.

Thank you Lord for those encouraging words, I feel like I can make it, something inside of me has been stirred and I KNOW I CAN MAKE It! I am determined to win I am determined to press on for joy comes in the morning at the break of dawn.

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