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Revival is Coming... But First......


BUT FIRST........

God is looking for a people who will stand up and allow the lord to use them in a NEW way. A people who are willing to let go of themselves and follow after him down a path that is new. A path that has never been walked on before. I am looking for a people who will let go of all and pick up their cross and mantle and follow me. I am not coming back for a lazy people or a people who have allowed compromise to lead their life. I am coming for a people who will forsake all- giving up all- including themselves for the glory of my name.

Revival will be released but not until they are willing to let go. It is not just about praying and fasting it is about what you do when you come out of prayer and fasting. What I am speaking in prayer and through fasting must be implemented in full obedience. There is a fire that is being released this year that is going to hit the house of God first. It is a fire that will burn off all of the dross and expose the true heart of the church. I am ready to reveal my bride, I am ready to release revival but first I must release my people.

And this is what you are going to do. My people have become prisoners of war. They have fought and many have given up because the fight became too hard and the enemy used their weariness and tiredness to call them off of the field of the lord. And now I am coming to rescue and redeem my people from the hands and bondage of the enemy. I am going to open up the graves in the church and release my people from the mindset of poverty and religion. I am going to pour out my spirit in three phases… Fire, Water, Spirit.

Fire- will burn and purify

Water- will wash and refresh

Spirit – will fill and speak-


Revival will come forth!

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